The NOW Workshop Series is designed to be a step between reading and world premiere. This is an important stage of play development. We are teaming up with two playwrights from last season's NOW Reading Series and giving them the opportunity to get each play on its feet for the very first time. Additionally, each production will focus on a specific design element that is inherent to successful storytelling within each play.

Due to COVID-19, we have postponed both productions. Once it is safe, we will reschedule and you'll get to see these two new plays!


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The Murder Play

with Jack & Melissa

by Matthew McLachlan

Matt copy - Matthew McLachlan.jpg

In a cabin, on a mountain, during a rain storm, Melissa wakes up to find herself zip-tied to a chair and in the company of a kind-hearted serial killer named Jack...

and he just wants a friend.

This comedy explores the outrageous things we do to not feel so lonely and the outrageous people we do it with.

Design Focus: Props/Special FX

by Terilyn Elise Eisenhauer


Killian and his pet rabbit have been living on the Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin. One night, Patrick Foran, a local city councilman, offers to share his whiskey and the story of Killian and Caoimhe unfolds.

Where did she go?

Why did she leave?

And how long will he wait for her return?

Design Focus: Lighting Design