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We need to raise the final 30% of our entire season budget. Last season we produced six staged readings of plays in development. With the successful momentum of last season, we are ready to implement two new programs: Workshop Productions and World Premiere Productions!


  1. The World Premiere of The Wild Parrots of Campbell by Alex Riad

    The Wild Parrots of Campbell was previously part of the NOW Reading Series. 
    Here's a refresher, "In a rundown house of a California suburb, a group of loser twenty-something roommates find their slacker existence threatened. One of the friends invites a girl he met online to move in, igniting tensions and digging up the home’s past familial trauma." 
    We are pumped to be producing the world premiere at Cherry Lane Studio Theatre in December 2019.  

  2. Workshop Productions in Spring 2020 of Lovelocked by Terilyn Elise Eisenhauer and The Murder Play with Jack & Melissa by Matthew McLachlan!
    We are proud to be introducing our Workshop Series. Both Lovelocked and The Murder Play with Jack & Melissa were previously seen in the NOW Reading Series. We will give each play a fully staged, one-weekend run. The show will be minimally designed, except for the play’s essential design element, which will be funded as if it were part of a full production. When the crux of a play rests on a specific design element, we offer these playwrights the opportunity to see that element realized alongside actors further developing the characters. This will also give the playwrights the opportunity to work with a director and a designer to negotiate the trickiest design aspect.
    -- Lovelocked: "Twenty-year-old Killian and his pet rabbit have been living on the Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin. One night, Patrick Foran, a local city councilman, offers to share his whiskey and the story of Killian and Caoimhe unfolds. Where did she go? Why did she leave?And how long will Killian wait for her return?"
    Tech Element: Lighting Design
    --The Murder Play with Jack & Melissa: "In a cabin, on a mountain, during a rain storm, Melissa wakes up to find herself tied to a chair and in the company of a kind-hearted serial killer named Jack... and he just wants a friend. This comedy explores the outrageous things we do to not feel so lonely and the outrageous people we do it with."
    Tech Element: Special Effects


  3. A Staged Reading of Gurl, Hang Up the Phone! by Catherine Weingarten!

    Our beloved reading series will be showcasing this new work in development in Fall 2019. We love the NOW Reading Series because it is the foundation of our work as a company. Each playwright gets a customized experience based on their needs for development. Catherine worked with us as part of our first Drunk Play Fest and we are happy to have her back with us! 
    *We offer our readings FREE to audiences! And facilitate a conversation with the playwright and audience post-reading to help the further development of the play.*



When you support us, you are supporting artists in their developmental process. You are supporting bringing new stories to the stage for audiences and supporting opportunities for artists to explore new work.
There is a lot that goes into producing any show. A big obstacle is funding rehearsal space and theatre rentals. We are pretty thrifty at finding quality resources, but when you take on multiple productions, the funds add up. Our Workshop Series is a new program. One that requires a budget and a theatre rental. We want to feel secure in booking a theatre (which is not cheap!) and still provide the experience necessary for the playwrights to succeed in this step of their development. On top of that, we want to pay every artist that works with us on a production for their time and talent. This is their career and we want to compensate them adequately.
The last 30% we need to raise to fund our season will go towards compensating our artists, creating a quality Workshop Series program, and sustaining our reading series.



Consider donating to our campaign!  

By contributing at least $25, you will receive a personal invite to our season launch party on September 28! Which includes our second annual Drunk Play Fest and live music. 
Can't make it to the launch party? No worries, you can still donate $25 and higher! 
Contributing to higher price points will give you even more benefits such as first access to ticket links, free tickets, and even a peek into rehearsals! 
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