NOW Collective Fundraising Event

Over the course of 24 hours, 6 new plays were written by a group of drunk playwrights and performed by a group of drunk actors in a bar.

with special guest: the 90s/00s cover band Ladies and Gentlemen

The Playwrights
Adrian Burke
Samantha Evans
Sean T. McGrath
Alex Riad

Leah Serinsky
Catherine Weingarten

The Acting CompanY
Mikael Deckelbaum
Therese Dizon
Allyson Musmeci
Felicia Wilkins
Matthew Woods


*all titles are prompts randomly chosen from a bowl*

The Dopest Poncho Ever by Adrian Burke

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri by Catherine Weingarten

A Demon Who Is really Into Torturing Shailene Woodley by Leah Serinsky

The Squishy Thing We All Had as Kids, You Know the Ones Where You Could Poke Your Finger Into the Holes on Either Side, and It Would Constantly Slip Out of Your Hand? I Guess They Are Called Water Snakes, I Just Looked It Up by Alex Riad

The Everblades- A Real Life Minor League Hockey Team from Estero FL by Sean T. McGrath

Educational Television by Sam Evans