Now's Inaugural SHow 

January 2017


Apartment Complex explores the ever changing challenges of everyday life in New York City.

We take a glimpse at the lives of 7 different sets of tenants,

who all have lived in the same apartment at different times over a decade. 

This show was developed through a collaboration between 5 writers, 14 actors, and 1 director. 

Often times it feels like the only thing that stays the same are the buildings. And, in NYC, not only do we live next to each other, but we also live on top of each other, under each other, and around each other. We live concurrently to each other - the day we move out of an apartment is sometimes the same day someone else moves in.Too often we find ourselves rushing through the day with no awareness of what any of these folks (our friends, our roommates, our neighbors) are going through.

In Apartment Complex, we follow not one person or one family, but one apartment as it changes residents. And invitation to look behind closed doors and explore what, exactly, we are missing. 

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The Show

Sal the Super

Alex Mollica

Kansas by Kasey Lee Huizinga

featuring Ann-Kathryne Mills, Jenny Ward


Blizzard by Kasey Lee Huizinga

featuring Justin Andrew Davis, McKenna DuBose

Bed Bugs by Sam Evans

featuring Sam Evans

Novio by Adrian Burke

featuring Adrian Burke, Dan DeCarlo

Dinner Party by Sean T. McGrath

featuring J.W. Harvey, Kasey Lee Huizinga

Hallways by Adrian Burke

featuring Morgan Bartholick, Andrew Dobbie

Parent Trap by Jenny Ward 

featuring Therese Dizon, Sean T. McGrath

Production Stage Manager: Raul Hernandez

Technical Director: Andrew Dobbie

Set Designer: Andrew Dobbie

Lighting Designer: Andrew Dobbie

Props Master: Morgan Bartholick

Sound Designer: Charlotte Grady

Sound Engineer: Sean T. McGrath

Costume Coordinator: McKenna DuBose

Production Photos